providing support and comfort to those in need

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providing support and comfort to those in need
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Our mission is to help raise awareness and provide education about auto/tire safety and manufacturer recalls while helping survivors who have sustained serious injuries due to an auto accident.

We also work at the local, state and federal levels to recommend and advocate for legislation that advances auto/tire safety, road safety and the auto/tire recall system regulations.

Let us tell you the “Wheel” truth!

The danger is real and it can happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere.

Check your vehicle for any open recalls
Also find safety information on car seats and tires

Check the tires of your vehicle for any open recalls

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Vehicles on the Road have Recalls



738 people die each year from tire failure related crashes



Emergency Response Vehicles and School Buses have Recalls

Kristen Rose, Founder

On October 15, 2019, the American Tort Law Museum recgonized Kristen Rose for her courage, selflessness and hard work. Kristen stood with Senator Whitehouse, Ralph Nader and other national leaders in calling for greater protections for the Seventh Amendment.


Kristen and AASGA continuously advocate for auto safety regulation reform on a local, state and national level.


As a single mom to a 5-year-old son, their lives changed instantly. She was in a wheelchair for six months with no money for proper medications or therapy. She even had to build a handicap ramp. Everyone was affected.